The Map – 15 Months!


2 Comments on “The Map – 15 Months!”

  1. Elizabeth Fowler says:

    Cool map!!!. I am so envious. We didnt want to come home after our trip to France and Italy, we felt we were just warming up. You must feel it’s a lifestyle rather than a holiday now.

  2. Birgit & Arturo says:

    This MAP is really gorgeous!

    I am also surprised to see your CUBBY is an amphibian vehicle, crossing the Baltic Sea as well as the Mediterranean Sea -:)

    Would be nice to know about the milage for the poor CUBBY 😉

    By the way: We just have returned from Dolomiti Superski in La Villa – Ciassa Lara.

    I had invited our sons to join us for a couple of days, joining my bithday party. We had a lots of fun sledging downhill the Alta Badia.

    Of course the food was excellent too!

    Signor e signora Crafonarra are waiting for spoiling you !!!


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