18 Months, a 6×2 Meter Campervan, 20 Countries

Some say it can’t be done!!! But that is the plan.  Starting on January 6, 2011, we have left Australia, purchased our new home, a Fiat Ducato Campervan, and we are off on our latest adventure.  In between planning and executing adventures we thrive, with our horses and chooks, on a 7 acre property in one of the most beautiful places on earth –       The Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, Australia.

I met Antonio in November 2007.     Since then, we have traveled to Europe together twice.  We were engaged in October 2009 and immediately undertook a 10 day, 3 horse packsaddle adventure, on our own, in the Alpine National Park, Victoria, Australia.  We married in May 2010 and honeymooned on a two month trip to Europe that included walking the Camino de Santiago de Compostella – an 800 km journey, west to east, across the top of Spain.

Our latest adventure is a change of lifestyle – MAJOR.  We will travel to at least 20 countries over the next 18 months, living in a 5 x 2 meter campervan.  We want to go slowly, to meet and absorb the locals where ever we can, to live, to learn and to share.

Tony is most looking forward to the gourmet experiences – being a butcher of Italian descent, there is, I would say, nothing he will not eat.  If he needs to he can catch, kill, dress and cook it.

I wish to create an account of our travels, tell our story via this blog.  A record that will hopefully inspire and evoke happiness.

So ………………. here it is!


4 Comments on “About”

  1. Esther from Switzerland says:

    Hey Denise & Antonio

    A tip for camping, when you arrive in Zug 😉 with your cubby house (at the border of the lake with fantastic view to the alpes and 10 minutes from my home :-).



  2. Fancy seeing you here. What an adventure you have planned. I look forward to reading through your posts. I tackled the camper van thing this February in NZ and loved it. Big, beautiful beast of a thing. Have a great trip.

  3. Karen Lagalla says:

    Hi Denise, Karen Lagalla here. Debbie sent me your blog. I am so envious , no not really really happy for you. (well maybe a little) What a lovely tale and fantastic adventures. What part of Italy is Antonio from, and where is your property on the Peninsula(having grown up there) Is Tony from down that way. I will read and watch with interest. xxx

  4. Sharon Wynschenk says:

    Hello you two -we’ve been reading about your adventures and feel almost as though we’re there with you. Denise you have a wonderful style of writing. Back to more mundane things – we’re having a MTHRC ride from /Limestone Road, Boneo recreation ground run by Liz fowler this week end. We intend going down the night before on Sat. and camping there. However we’re not sure whether or not it’s a bona fide place to camp, so if we get kicked off (doubtful) then could we give the people at your place in Arthur’s Seat a call and stay there for the night if needed -probably just us with Bruce, Liz Fowler and Dot and Bill with our four horses. would that be ok? I doubt it will happen but just needed a plan B!! Have you heard that i’ve applied for a job in the northern Territory? I’ve got an interview in a couple of weeks and will know more then – it’s in the remote areas and we both intend going!!! Love to you bothy – Bob and Sharon

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