The Last Post


Australia!  Home at last!!

Ironically, after 96 stories posted in many varied parts of Europe and Morocco, I have encountered technical issues that have delayed the posting of this last story.  Perhaps its the universes way of resisting our journey coming to an end??

Being home is busy. Busy with friends, family,horses and house.  I have not even begun to think about the garden …………. We are like ducks to water………… loving it.

All that we missed is still here and we indulge and settle in immediately.


There were tears from me touching down on the tarmac. Tears hugging our dear friend Evie who met us at the airport. Tears when we first see family and friends. Tears of relief I think! Sometimes I had worried that we might never get home! Was traveling all those kilometers in all those countries over all those months tempting fate?? Could we really do it all without incident?

Well we did!  Not only without incident but with gusto, fun and great fortune. Even the weather favored us and I honestly struggle to remember more than 6 days of rain.

I have started turning the blog into a hard cover 12 x 12 inch coffee table book. Editing each story recalls our time vividly. Which brings me to the blog. I got to “cut my teeth” on a little bit of story telling and I am soooo touched that so many people made so many visits (well over 10,000 and growing!)  The blog was always a pleasure to do and allowed me to use my mind creatively. I discovered a joy that comes from writing and photograpy.  And I thank every one for the encouraging words and sentiments. It made such a difference to us to share our journey “live” and have that connection with so many people.

The journey itself.  Where to begin. Many times we have been asked what was the best country or the thing most enjoyed. For that, there are many answers. Certainly the partnership between Antonio and I was brilliant.  We were rarely outside of a 5 meter radios of each other for 15 months and rarely argued or had cross words. We both loved living in our little 6×2 mtr space and recommend this travel to anyone – on one condition – use a GPS. Stress levels would have been VERY different without the help of Roger and Esmeralda.

In all, our journey was an adventure of discovery – every day, never really knowing what we would find around the next corner. A university in sociology, geography, history, geology – life!!





Things we learned (from our experience!!): Who knew ……………

Germany has the best range of bread in all of Europe!
Norways Lofoton islands pip Switzerland at the post for best natural scenery.
Spain has the greatest number of stunning old cities and buildings from the Guggenheim at Bilbao to the Mosque at Cordova to the Moorish Palaces of Alhambra.
Morocco is the most photogenic of all countries.
The Danes seemed the happiest and most outgoing people.
Slovenia is Europes’ best kept secret.
Italys’ most outstanding feature, for me, the warm heart of the home – the kitchens.
Best outdoor walking paths – the UK.
Best cycling – Holland

The best fun we had – The Portuguese Camino with Team Pink.

Most beautiful capitol city – Austria’s Vienna.
Finland has 180,000 lakes.
Icelandic ponies have an extra gait called “tolting” that is so smooth you could easily drink tea with a saucer as you ride.
Norway has beautiful beaches.
Moroccans do not like dogs and only shepherds keep dogs – cats are populous and help to keep the streets clean!!!
Germans have a cooked lunch and an uncooked dinner.
Norwegians eat 5 meals a day.
The windmills in Holland are my most loved icon.
The rooms I would miss most from home was 1. The horses tack room – 2. The laundry!!
Czech is proudly the most atheist country in the world.
France has the best overall campsites and the smallest toilet rolls.
Farmers in the South Tyrol wear a traditional blue apron on visits to town.





How tightly we hold on to customs, rituals and preferences. Crossing invisible borders and encountering such incredible difference in ways of living life.

There is no doubt our differences are interesting and diverse. Somehow, despite our differences, its our similarities that are even more fascinating. Humans sharing the same earth, the same sky, the same sun, and having done so for thousands, some reports say millions, of years. Soil grows things, no matter what country you are in and is always a shade of brown; clouds are always a shade of white!
We all want health, happiness and love.

Of course, for The Mazzons, there are many more adventures to come. We are preparing to undertake a 4 month packsaddle horseride in 12 months time, with vehicle support, from the Queensland/NSW border south to the Victorian/NSW border! We will always return to Europe to ski, and to visit Noah and Elizabeth. We still need to hug the Dalmatian coast of Croatia and travel into Greece and Turkey. There is new York that neither of us have been to and ………….. STOP!

For now, we continue to settle into old routines, to spring clean the stuff!  After 15 months in cubby where we sometimes felt we had too much stuff – having a houseful is overwhelming and a great opportunity to cull with Cubby life still in mind. We are relishing in the “nesting” and the exercise and movement that comes with it!

Thankyou again for sharing our adventure.
We are happy to be home.



4 Comments on “The Last Post”

  1. Elizabeth fowler says:

    What a great way to end your ongoing blog. We are also thrilled that you are home. Coffee table book is an excellant idea. You may even have some of us buy it. Put me down for one. I loved living my life and journey through your eyes. I felt as though I was with you. Imagined eating pasta with the family in Italy, spring skiing in the mountains, and camel ridng. Your expressive writting was always enthralling and entertaining.

  2. Douglas says:

    Yes I will also buy a coffee table book from you! On my to-do list for the next three weeks is to FINISH my blog text and add photos to it, and maybe use it as a tease-read for Ukrainians. To your list of what you found about Europe, add that the Ukrainians have the sharpest metro elbows, some of the grumpiest post-office workers, and yet the sweetest smiles when out on the razzle. Not much in between. You can see these things from afar; am now back in calm Scotland. Has been great following, and being a small part of, your epic travels.

  3. Natalja says:

    Noooo! I don’t want it to be over!!! Your blog was like traveling myself… Though I’m happy to hear you returned safely and enjoyed every minute of your trip. Unfortunately our paths did not cross again in Europe but maybe in the future! As you say, still enough to explore. Take care.

  4. Ed Cassidy says:

    Hi Denise and Antonio, hope you enjoyed Darwin. I met you having dinner in the park at the Darwin Festival. Wow, your lives are truely inspiring. I love reading about your adventures. Thanks for the life tips, Antonio, much appreciated. For someone like myself you are very much a role model.
    Take Care and good fortune in your travels to come

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