Done Deal!

Just on 15 months ago I described “Dulmen: seems to be a lovely village, district really, and we look forward to coming back, hopefully in better weather. Vast flat expanses of crisp white snow suggest a summer view of lush green fields.”

Today, it’s spring!!!  Beautiful, blossom filled, warm and sunny days!  Quite the opposite of when we arrived.

We have come back to sell Cubby and are delighted that the selling process was as easy as the buying process.  We could not have hoped for things to go more smoothly.  The team at Dumo assessed Cubbys condition and offered a fair exchange.  We deregistered as temporary “Coesfeld” residents and closed our bank account – done and dusted in half a day.

Jorn and Antonio seal the deal

Now we have now sold Cubby, homeless and vehicle less we are not sure what to think, and surprisingly are emotionally neither here nor there!  Mostly our thoughts are preoccupied with the logistics of getting home and wondering about the outcome of the baggage handlers strike today at Frankfurt airport!!!

We think positively and wait and see.

PS: For those economists and those just plain curious, the outcome of the buy/sell idea:

Accommodation and Car with deisel fuel – 15 months:

Including fluctuating exchange rates, around $32,000!!! We are happy with that!


5 Comments on “Done Deal!”

  1. Leah says:

    All the best getting home – Look forward to hearing you’ve landed safely. It’s beautiful here, Victoria’s finest time Autumn – yay!

  2. Frances says:

    Yay -see you soon!! Xx

  3. Douglas says:

    Has been great following your blog, have a safe trip back and keep in touch! I’m heading west to Scotland on 3rd, tour of duty is over in Kiev for this time.

  4. Elizabeth fowler says:

    Yeh, but what about Tony’s grog bill? Looking forward to seeing both of you soon
    Love Liz

  5. Birgit & Arturo says:

    Congratulations to the sales man and also to the chef of the Rolling Cubby Kitchen – a multi talented person!

    The famous blog writer of course deserves admiration, because she gave us such wonderful insights into the RV tour through Europe. We certainly will miss that.

    Both of you have qualified for the Adventure Caravan Award 🙂

    Worthwhile to mention that your blog has exceeded the 10k clicks threshold; this is a clear evidence how much you have entertained the followers of your blog.

    There is just one drop of bitterness, which is that we missed the chance for meeting you again passing by our home.

    However, enjoy your relaxing stay in Thailand and have a save journey back home.

    Hopefully there will be a chance for meeting again, for Dolomiti Super Skiing or down under,


    Birgit & Arturo

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