By Joves – We Got It!!

It seems only fitting that as our trip draws to a close and we end our time in Italy that, at last, Antonio has a new status.

Señor Antonio Mazzon; Cittadinanza – Italiana, Residenza – Venezia.

It’s been a long haul and we asked ourselves many times if it was worth pursuing. 3 appointments might have been enough. Instead it took about 9 from us and more from his cousin Remigio, whose help we could not have done without. We really want to thank Remigio who persevered with us, interpreted the system for us, guided us to where we needed to be, and supplied patience and encouragement when we thought we lost it! We were thwarted on many occasions by offices not opening the afternoon we arrived, the person we needed to see was on a day off, a couple of times papers had not been received from another department: Expectations not met, traveling to offices and waiting in queues only to be turned away was frustrating to the extreme. One occasion was my fault.  I left the passports in Maniago and we would have driven back the hour and returned but the office closed at midday.  Even though Antonio had a recently certified copy of his passport with him, it needed certification for Italy. His had an international certification only, prepared to arrange a renewal on Noahs passport. Dare I say anymore for fear of dampening the excitement we have for our newly adopted country!!!  Yes, joyfully, even I as Antonios spouse, am now entitled to all the benefits of an Italian citizen, all the benefits of an EU citizen!! Well, all bar one!  I am not entitled to vote!!! How sad!

After a celebratory visit to Venice we have returned to Maniago and are starting to take stock, pack up and prepare for our return voyage.  A much lighter cubby will be resold in Germany where we bought her; back to where we began – a complete cycle.

There is much we will miss about living in Maniago: Extended family, Norinas kitchen, the rituals of the table and of eating, including the use of the kitchen window – to shake out the breadcrumbs after meals; being a part of the events and community of the Maniago piazza, center of town and host of events, carnivals, the weekly market, shop openings.  A hive of activity every morning until around midday when Italians retire home to eat and rest – alive again late afternoon and into the night. It’s a rhythm that is worth getting used to.

Antonio will also miss his daily hill walk and I will miss my mental gymnastics, sweating it out for two hours each week in Italian language classes with Yvonne.



Alas as much as we have enjoyed living in the city of Maniago, we are excited about getting home and settling in to old routines and all we have missed …………………… family, friends, horses, garden, home on the Peninsula!  Waiting for us ……………….

only 25 more sleeps!


5 Comments on “By Joves – We Got It!!”

  1. Birgit & Arturo says:

    Well, you finally have made it – Congratulations!

    Welcome ET 🙂

    This time it is not meant an extra terrestrial person but – of course – it’s a warm welcome to two new European Territory inhabitants.

    Indeed, I had now doubts that a business person like you, Antonio, would fail in that respect.

    And due to your exciting European Adventure Caravan Tour you have got much more insight to the ET than the average inhabitants have. The blog-writing-ability of Denise will preserve your experiences, your personal encounters with individuals, as well as the different lifestyles.

    We wish you all the best and a save trip back home.

    We’ve appreciated getting to know you. Let’s stay in touch,

    Arturo and Birgit

    • David & Marie says:

      It’s a fake I say – the passport’s a fake!

      Lookign forward to seeing you back honme at Arthurs Seat and sharing the stories…

      David & Marie & Allegra

  2. Joy Duncan says:

    No, No, No, So many more places for you to report on I am going to miss my armchair tour around the world, safe trip home…Joy

  3. Leah says:


  4. Ann O'Brien says:

    Congratulations on becoming citizens of Italy!
    Looking forward to your return – it’s been so long!

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