Spring Sking in the Dolomite!!!

Antonio and Elizabeth "kitting up" somewhere near Heaven - Marmolada Glacier 3342 mt above sea level

It feels like, unknown to us, we could be characters in a movie like the Truman Show.  It is hard to believe it’s this good, and it’s real!!

Spring sking in the Dolomites, Alta Badia, Italy!

Sunshine, no wind, excellent snow, thinly populated slopes ………..


Charming places to ski to ……..


Fantastic range of restaurants and menus, gourmet to rustic!



This is our third visit to the lovely hotel of Walter and Rosa Craffonara, Ciasa Lara http://www.ciasalara.it. We began our journey here just over 12 months ago and many of the same staff welcome us back and ask how our year has been.  Jaws usually drop as we answer, “Well, pretty good actually – 26 countries, 40,000 kms and a multitude of truly wonderful memories.”  Returning here near the end of our journey reinforces just how much we have seen and done in the last 12 months.


And Elizabeth has been able to join us again.  It’s such a contrast to when we last met.  I can still see her sitting on a camels back on a sunny beach in Morocco.  Now, she is just a blur zooming down a pristine white snow capped slope, or smiling, taking a break in a “snow chair!!”

Punctuating our travel with time in La Villa also reminds us that our journey is drawing to a close.  We will miss our sunkissed slopes, but in less than 8 weeks we will be home.  In the meantime, we will spend a month in Antonios home town of Maniago; we will have another week with Noah, in Maniago; we will sell our Cubby in Italy or Germany; and we will pamper ourselves for 6 days in Thailand to break the 24 hour travel home.  So hold on………… There are still, just a few more tales to be told!!


3 Comments on “Spring Sking in the Dolomite!!!”

  1. Elizabeth fowler says:

    You sound soooo lay back and relaxed. What a beautiful place to spend some time with Elizabeth.
    I am realy looking forward to seeing you both again. It will be quite cool by the time you return, not as cold as you are in now of course.
    Enjoy the rest of your holiday.

  2. Joy Duncan says:

    I will miss all your wonderful adventures, as I have truly felt as if I was there. I look forward to actually meeting you both one day, maybe on a early morning walk with the boys up the mountain. Take care on the remaining days of your travels.


  3. Valda says:

    Can you believe you are in such a magical place.
    What a place to be before you come back to Australia
    Look forward to see you!!!!!!

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