Team Pink



Barcelos is a wonderful medieval town, sitting up high on the River Cavado, with origins back to Roman times. The market was a brilliant and lively locals event full of women selling home grown veggies, chickens, ducks and rabbits.  It was also a defining moment for us.  6 pretty fresh, individual pilgrims entered the market – but “Team Pink” exited.  Spurred on by Jos’ encouragement I bravely bought Antonio a hot “water melon” pink polo shirt.  We all liked it so much we went back for 5 of the same and Team Pink was born.

The following day we are back on the program.  Team Pink takes a short drive through to the walking point and we giggle like girls as we pass the “hard yards” pilgrims, foot sore and bending under the burdens of back packs.  We laugh as we give them a toot and a wave, calling out “Hello, Hola, we are pilgrims too!”

Antonio and I deliver the walkers on the track and deposit Cubby further on at our evening destination.  Riding our bicycles backwards, we meet our team and lead our weary walkers to the door of Casa do Rio. Just another luxurious country accommodation that we have been given free rein to enjoy.  Dinner that evening is a kilometre down the road. Our host, tells us the food is cheap, and good…… he was not wrong.  A delicious meal of veal with mushroom, battered fish, salads, breads, water, beers and wine PLUS incredibly tender steaks served still cooking, on a sizzling plate – 11 euro per person.  The sizzling plate impressed us so much we enquired re the granite slab that stayed hot for so long, and were given one as a gift!  Antonio in return gave our smiling restauranteur an Australian flag!

The boys scouted out our next destination and planned our route, to Ponte de Lima. Elaine Geoff and I had the task of depositing Cubby at camp and taxied back to meet the others.  Our timing was perfect and Team Pink was able to complete the pretty walk into Ponte De Lima, full pro quo.

Definitely one of the prettiest towns on the Camino, Ponte de Lima is said to the be oldest town in Portugal, well set out, clean and filled with larger than life sculptures of bulls, peasants, soldiers and horses. Our accommodation perfectly fit the first three rules of real estate. Location location location. “They”, in a hotel with a balcony overlooking the “market” boulevard set under the plane trees, looking down to “Us” parked on a large flat sandy area leading to the river Lima.


Our camp lent itself perfectly to a Cubby Cooked dinner and Antonio had purchased a rabbit earlier that day.  As the sun set and the rabbit was cooking some locals celebrating on the river invited Antonio and Jo to dance.

At one stage I see Antonio running over to me with his dancing partner.  “How sweet I think.  He is bringing her to meet me!”  To my surprise they continue past me and to the rabbit cooking on the stove!!!  He explains he was being invited to dinner and in lieu of not enough language had to demonstrate why he kept rejecting the invitation. Enough to say, he was so proud of his cooking rabbit and it was truly delicious.


Cut Rabbit into portions

Fry one small onion in olive oil, crush 3-4 cloves of garlic and throw in.

When onion is translucent, add rabbit and brown on both sides.

Add sage and rosemary (dry or fresh)

Sprinkle one crushed chicken cube over the rabbit

When brown, add 1/2 glass of white wine, salt and pepper.  Also add finely chopped liver which should be sold with the rabbit.  In lieu of rabbit liver, chicken liver can be used. (one or two)  You could also add two finely chopped anchovies at this point.

When wine has reduced, add 1/2 cup water,

Cover with lid.  When water is bubbling, lower gas to low and cook slowly, with lid on, for approx 40 minutes, adding a little water as required to maintain some liquid with the rabbit.  Serve from pan, spooning pan juices over the Rabbit.

All pilgrims slept well in Ponte de Lima.


4 Comments on “Team Pink”

  1. Elizabeth fowler says:

    I love the shirts. Life is one long holiday for you two at the moment. One thought. Maybe should have bought two shirts each. One to wash and one to wear? I love rabbit too. As I was reading your recipe my mouth was watering. My old aunt, now 86, used to cook bunny stew with parsley sauce. a treat for the whole family. Keep bloging.

  2. Douglas says:

    Hi Sweet Pilgrims! What a bunch of lovely Jessies you look in your pink shirts. I am a million miles away from such jollity! The mercury is dropping fast here in Kev and am still waiting for the heating to go on. But life is all about choices and this one so far has turned out to be great. Yum yum rabbit stew … slight torture reading about that here. Come on the Wallabies. Come on Wales! Allez les bleus .. well the pub is the warmest place in town. – Douglas

  3. Leigh says:

    Fantastic to hear and see all reports from the “Easy Peasy Portugueasy” tour! Looks like you are having a brilliant time. So envious as we are living a very cool moist October here in Balnarring.( A huge shock to the system after Bali) Wishing you more fun and joy as you continue the journey. Much love to all xo

  4. Paul Clayton says:

    Hi there Team Pink! Good to see all the fun and frivolity being enjoyed. Great blog you have going Denise….easy and fun to read. Weather starting to warm up back here with mid to high twenties forecast next week so we are working on our tans so as not to be too envious when you return. Tell Jo that the weeding in the vegie garden has started today but will come to an abrupt halt given golf all weekend! Love to all and especially JoJo. Paul.

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