Michelin Star??


Cubby Kitchen & Dining Room

Huston we have a problem!!

It’s pretty well embarrassing to admit, BUT 99% of the meals we eat are in the Cubby. The reason is that 9 out of 10 meals we eat out of the Cubby are never as good as Antonios’ cooking! With a small fridge and a two burner gas stove, Antonios’ meals have all the taste and flourish that we have at home and too often meals “out of the house” just don’t measure up.

So, we decided to throw the gauntlet and make a challenge – to find a meal better than what Antonio can cook – a Michelin Star restaurant might be the solution.

There are actually 3 in the Arles/Camargue area and we choose L’atelier (workshop/studio) de Jean-Luc Rabanel.

Little did we realise we had actually signed on for the 15 course degustation menu with wine at each course (for Antonio only of course! – incase I have not mentioned it, I am a teetotaller……. but thats another story!)

The menu is designed around what is grown in the hectares of garden that Jean-Luc keeps, and rates high on the bio-organic list. Consequently there were a lot of vegetable dishes, which kept the menu light. One dish had 15 vegetables beautifully displayed, reminiscent of the Sydney Harbour Bridge! The meat or fish that was included, was almost without exception “carpaccio!”


I could not list all the courses here, enough to say we had Garlic Ice-cream with locally grown crunchy red rice, as a starter, and a Vegetable Panne Cotte as a dessert, and 13 variations on the theme in-between!

The verdict! The jury has declined to comment. It was impossible to compare this artistic, gastronomical event with our hearty, sumptuous everyday meals – but if I had to pick a chef, I would pick Antonio!


We thoroughly enjoyed our evening, intimately sharing our “alley” dining room with an Irish couple on our left (previewing what was coming up until we overtook them – probably my fault!) and a French couple on our right.

As we tottered back through the quiet evening streets of Arles to Cubby, Antonio, unused to so many glasses of wine, looked a little puzzled and bemused. He was unsure how he just managed to pay a small Kings ransom to eat largely raw food, mostly vegetables, on a small table in an alleyway and not so much as one tablecloth to be seen!


4 Comments on “Michelin Star??”

  1. Douglas says:

    Very funny, had a good chuckle. Glad to see you fully appreciate what side your bread’s buttered.

  2. Douglas says:

    Very funny! Nice one, keep at it.

  3. Douglas says:

    Doh! I left two comments (as the first did not appear to register) and as all good things come in 3s, here is my third. / D

  4. Birgit&Arturo says:

    A compliment to all the hobby cooks in the world, which will never ever get a Michelin star but definitly make eyes shining brightly like stars, when sharing their cuisine 🙂

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