Edinburgh was buzzing. The Fringe Festival (where artists get to test new material before the beginning of the Internationally acclaimed Edinburgh Festival), was in full swing. Acrobats, comedians, magicians, cabaret acts. All jumping, spruking or dazzling along the Royal Mile leading upwards to Edinburgh Castle.


Home was Cubby in a carpark situated at the West gate of the Queens Edinburgh home, Hollyrood Palace. (The downwards end of the Royal Mile.) We were amazed to secure such a good spot, and whilst, technically we should not have been there, the police were friendly, (and busy with the festival.) We were not moved on.

Arthurs Seat Edinburgh!

Behind us, Hollyrood Palace. In front of us – Arthurs Seat!! A Scottish version! One of the biggest central city National Parks in Europe. Its quite stunning and just waiting to be climbed. Being Arthurs Seatians of the Australian variety, thats what we did the next morning. A comfortable, steady climb on a beautiful morning.

From the top of Arthurs Seat, Edinburgh is a mostly flat, narrow strap of a city,  bending on the Firth of Forth, peeking around to the North Sea and protected by a the 295 yard rise of Arthurs Seat. The views at the top are “to die for”. Figuratively speaking of course, although with the steepness and seeming instability of the jagged cliff edges I am surprised to see no barriers or signs what so ever. Whilst it is refreshing to be free of “bureaucratic” litter, I did think a small sign, perhaps “beware cliff edges in mist!!!” might not have been out of place.

Edinburgh created many famous philosophers and writers! True to its eclectic, festival character, the literature created varies from one extreme of J K Rowling, to the opposite, the Encyclopaedia Britannica! (Check for authentic Scottish Thistle on the spine of the books!!!)

The rest of the day was spent on a mad trip out to a service technician for our Gas Cooker. He fixed it in no time. Back to the city, a quick look around the Botanical Gardens, in a misty, drizzling, refreshing rain, and a wait in the Cubby for Douglas.


One Comment on “Edinburgh”

  1. Douglas says:

    Of course I have to get a comment in first. (hee hee). Edinburgh is not particularly flat, most streets seem to have something running off them: water, beer or ideas. As for Arthur’s Seat, yes a few signs would be a good idea. It has been the site of a few dodgy murders (mothers in law tipped over the edge / wealthy spouses a couple of days after tying the knot &c.) And now we wait for the next installment: Aberfoyle and those kilts …

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