We have seen some low lying mist………….. And some furry, big bulls!

So, the men in Kilts were a given!

And if you look really closely, you will see the age old rumour is true !!!!


3 Comments on “Scotland”

  1. Douglas says:

    So the long and short if it is, Denise is having a great time here. (and Antonio cooked the bulls for dinner).

  2. Bladrick says:

    Glad the photo does not show off my furry big “bulls” Enjoy the rest of your trip

  3. Birgit&Arturo says:

    Hi guys, wonderful impressions from Scotland.

    First question that crossed my mind:
    Who is meant with furry bull – the one with four legs or the
    two legs one!?

    The second question was: Who became more nervous about seeing
    this nice woman been carried away by this strong guy!?

    Finally I had to admire the Scots about wearing thong panty under their kilt.
    My recommandation to them: Be aware of fans – especially if they are located on the floor 🙂


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