Oslo Remembrance


Flags were flying half mast throughout Denmark today and in Copenhagen, a special, televised service was held at the Copenhagen Cathedral, attended by Queen Margrethe, Frederik and Mary, to remember the victims of the recent terror attack in Norway.

We missed the Oslo bombing by a day and were safely heading across Sweden at the time. Other Australians we had met at the Oslo camping ground stayed on a day and were only a few blocks from the blast.

Fortunately Noah and his family did not have any close friends or family affected, although, they are of course deeply saddened. Thanks also to the many emails we have had checking if we are ok.

Tony placing a remembrance candle after the service in the Copenhagen Cathedral.


One Comment on “Oslo Remembrance”

  1. Douglas says:

    Thank you for this remembrance post. With a couple of children the same age as many of those killed, and having spent many a lazy afternoon on Nordic lake shores (which really do feel like the last place on earth to visited by a gun-toting assassin) this news item really hit home.

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