Norway Fishermen

The reunion with Noah was a happy one, all of us excited, especially Noah to see his Papa again! He is such a delightful child and easy company, happy and content, he is a good sleeper and eater and has a sunny, even temperament. He often stands tall and spends a few minutes telling us something really important. His diction is perfect and his variety of expression and intonation, entertaining. If only we could understand what he was saying!! He says it all in Norwegian, his language! Still its amazing how well we all get along even though we do not speak each others language. He seems to understand almost everything we say or ask of him in English and can respond accordingly. It will be interesting to see if he will start using some English words at the end of our holiday.

Our first week was Kinda duty in Wintery Summer weather, with a brief visit to Hamaroy Fyske (Fish) Camping, our intended holiday destination for the following week. We had a set criteria; We wanted a place on the water with boats to hire, a playground for kids, hopefully the ability to at least try and catch a fish, preferably with a town or supermarket an easy walk/bikeride away, and “Hamaroy Fyske Camping” seemed ideal. We stayed one night, and booked for the following week.

Before we left we walked out to the rocks and Antonio started talking to 8 Lithuanian men who had traveled from Sweden to fish here for the day! He chatted getting tips on lures and bait and shared their offered Russian vodka and gherkin! It was 10 am!!!

We probably should have known about the likely fishing outcome. It is after all called a “Fishing Campground”, the manager “guarantees” fish, they have two 600 litre freezers for campers to keep their caught fish in and 8 Lithuanian men traveling all the way from Sweden can’t be wrong – can they???

The day we arrived the weather had turned and we were back to a beautiful Norwegian summer. Making camp, Antonio and Noah were eager to try the new fishing rods and lures and headed to the rocks. Antonio’s FIRST cast, he caught a fish! Not real big, but big enough to keep and eat. Continuing for about an hour, that was it!! Count, one fish found, 6 lures lost! Antonio one, fish 6!

Not to be outdone, he reasoned that if he could get to deeper water the rock issue would be eliminated! A boat was ordered, some helpful instructions given to this land loving trio, boat then boarded and with a fair bit of dangerous feeling jiggling, we got out of the port. The poor boat owner, a furrowed brow watching us leave with a final “I hope you have my mobile number!!!!!”

Soon Antonio’s boat driving experience of about 45 years ago (thanks Mario!) kicked in and we were heading to the deep water. Antonio had picked up a fantastic, complicated looking line that sunk immediately to the bottom with a very heavy lure, then had a series of (worm or chilli, what ever you prefer to eat I guess) lures along the line reaching up to where it joined the main line.

Anyway, it proved to be a winner. First cast, a cod! It felt like hardly a minute went by without the expression, “I’ve got another one.” My rod was getting nibbles but just not nailing them, so having a go with Antonio’s rod and special chilli,worm duvey wacker, I caught two fish!!! First time in my life I have tried and succeeded.


At the end of our first fishing expedition we had 7 fish – all a decent size, all ready to eat.

The Mornings Haul

As Antonio was cleaning them on return he buddied up with Harry, a Dutch fisherman from Belgium. Harry was inspired and they planned a second expedition on the returning tide later in the day. Noah was first in the boat again, and Antonio, Harry and Noah went fishing.

Lazing around in the camper an excited pitter patter of feet and a “Neicy comme”, I followed Noah down to the boats. A haul of 17, yes seventeen fish was proudly lined up on the wooden ledge! That made 24 fish for the day!  It sounds ridiculous, but amateur and all, with the wizz bang chilli worm line Antonio even caught 3 fish on one cast!!!!

The Afternoon Haul

Of course, we are now eating fish a lot. Fish soup, seafood salad, seafood pasta, crumbed fish, grilled fish, fish with onions, with butter lemon and capers, you name it! And plenty in the freezer to take home. Probably at least 60 meals of fish!!!

It really is a holiday paradise for kids here, when the weather is so perfect. Loads of outdoor fun, Noah is ready to go to bed, sometimes before we would even mention it. One night, with about ½ hour before the regular bedtime I asked him if he would like to go and have a swing or go to bed. He jumped into bed!!! Tough huh!


6 Comments on “Norway Fishermen”

  1. Leah says:

    Denise, that was such a beautiful post, I loved reading every minute of it. Go well

  2. Elizabeth Fowler says:

    Well done Denise. another fantastic Blog. Lovely photos of Noah too. We all miss you and Tony here but having your blogs makes us feel we are with you all the way.

  3. Douglas says:

    Next time you’re on a long trip take me along too! You seem to be where the good weather is much of the time. Greetings from a stormy and steamy Kiev. All best, Douglas

  4. Fran says:

    What a gorgeous boy. Sounds like an idyllic holiday and mega impressed by the fish. The Harris-Baxter family have only managed one fish in the entire history of the union. Sadly Glenn had the idea to keep it in a plastic bag in water until Nick and he were ready to go. Who would have thought that plastic bags could have water soluble glue!! Yes – the fish ended up swimming away. I thought it was hilarious but Nick still can’t talk about it!! Glad Noah’s fishing expedition had a happier ending.
    Been loving all your updates. Keep on having the time of your life.
    love Fran

  5. Gael F says:

    What a beautiful looking boy and what an adventure holiday. Denise your photos are just wonderful and allow us a small window into your travels. The clear waters of Norway were just amazing.

  6. Esther says:

    So cute boy – Noah!

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