In hindsight, I did not need to visit Auschwitz.

I knew about the diabolical acts of causing starvation, torture, medical experiments,
and of course the murders of millions of Jewish adults and countless children, at the hands of the Nazi in the gas chambers.

I think, perhaps naively, I had hoped for some insight or understanding as to how it all could have occurred.

But no – its just sadness upon sadness, upon atrocity, upon sadness.

No photos from this visit.


One Comment on “Auschwitz”

  1. Douglas says:

    Hi to the Mazzons, it is interesting to read this. Friends and I had a discussion about it the other day, “would you visit A. or not?” to which most people answered, “maybe if in the area.” My daughter is going to visit in November, do not envy her. And having heard tales from a grandma who herself was interned in a camp in Plzen, I think I got close enough to the rottenness of the whole thing.

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