I got grumpy this week which is a terrible thing when you know your are on the holiday of a lifetime with the man of your dreams, and when every day I do feel grateful. I’m putting it down to too much pasta. I have always suspected there might be a glucose intolerance level lurking within!

But mainly I think its probably the fact we had to leave the peaceful countryside of Umbria to do a 10 hour Auto “StressAda” journey back up to Venice on a deadline! Deadlines on a holiday!  Have you ever!  Still, if we did not get there that day, Friday, all would have had to wait until Monday. As the fellow we needed to see would not be there Monday, and we really were not sure when he would be there, it has to be Friday!

The Autostrade is Auto Bad. Usually 2 sometimes 3 lanes of fast traffic, embankments shoulder high at each side and trucks, stacks and stacks of trucks, asphalt, white lines, green signs, arrows and road side petrol stations, not unlike ours meaning bad food and coffee. It’s the antithesis of what we envisage our holiday to be. The asphalt vision I currently have from the IMAX cinema windscreen of the “Cubby” could not be more diametrically opposed to the romantic, idyllic view of the Tuscan countryside that I know flanks some part of the east and the west of us!

There is, alas, an up side.  We lodged the latest piece of paperwork and we now have a FIXED and solid date and time for the first meeting with the correct authority to progress the getting of Antonio’s Identity Card!  We are not sure what happens after that, but one good step at a time.  As the meeting is the end of March, we will probably rearrange our itinerary and not travel to Greece and Turkey until the end of our 18 months.  We will loll around Southern Italy and head back to Venice at a countryside pace.  Ahhhhhhh


2 Comments on “Auto”Stress”Ada”

  1. Elizabeth Fowler says:

    Its not being grumpy that counts. Its recognising it. Just think of us in the rat race all the time. Glad you are heading back to the country side. Great news that Tony will soon have his paper work sorted.
    Keep posting. Still loving hearing of your adventures.

  2. Leigh says:

    Loving your posts Denise-keep’em coming! How lucky is the ‘man of your dreams’? To have such a wonderful, communicative navigator under such ‘stress-ada’ is every blokes dream. Sounds like you are having a fantastic adventure. We are with you both in spirit.
    Love the Balnarring beach duo xo

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