Down on Flat Ground Again

We are back in the land of the relatives……………and how do I know.

Well it seems our van does not like the cold weather! We had a door closing issue at La Villa as water entered where oil should be and the water froze!

Then there was the odd symbol on the dash and after the van stopping for no obvious reason, we learnt that the diesel bought on Italy’s AutoStrada lacks an antifreeze additive, and it had frozen!

We now sit and wait for our chrome plated plastic kitchen tap to be replaced, as it too froze and snapped like a piece of thin chocolate.

Fortunately, we looked in the service book and there was an agent for the service of the interior of the van around the corner. Second fortunately, we happened to run into Stefano coming home for lunch as we were leaving. Third fortunately, he was able to tell us that the agent around the corner happens to be the brother of the husband of Antonio’s cousin, Titsianna…………………. completely unrelated by the way to the sister of the husband of the second cousin, who had the manchester store.   Its all TRUE.


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