One for the Girls!

Now, we all know that Italy is famous for its shoes. It just so happens that we had lunch at a brilliant bar/cafe/restaurant, that had a boutique attached!

I decided to have a quick browse whilst waiting for our lunch, and right there was exactly the boots I’d been hoping to find.

Not the finest leather mind, but all the other boxes were ticked. Right shaped toe, right size, calf length, tuck in under or over jeans. Versatile, could be worn for dinner at home with friends, or working on a farmstay. And I can wear them through puddles.

You may have guessed by now. I left that boutique proudly poseing with my boutique shopping bag carrying my new $100 gumboots!!


2 Comments on “One for the Girls!”

  1. robyn and bob says:

    Love the designer gum boots Denise. No need for them here at the moment as we are looking at another 40c day. The Black Range ride was cancelled yesterday due to 40 degree plus day and high winds.

  2. Leah says:

    Denise, I LOVE these boots. Perfect for Daylesford. And loving your adventure

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