Ciao Italia!

Benvenutti Italia
We have just crossed the border into Italy and as is Antonio’s want, he takes the very first opportunity we see to have an Italian made coffee. When we fly in, he has it at the airport. Today it meant the first roadside service station we came across and even though it’s 5 am in the morning, pitch black outside, one degree in temperature, the roadside cafe is warm, bright and open for business. The first thing we noticed was the smell, fresh baked pastries, not fried food. The waiter was professionally dressed, all in black with a clean red apron and smiling. The coffee machine, a classic and holding pride of place in the center of the cafe. Many a Carlton cafe would have coffee machine envy if they could see it. We love our coffee in Melbourne but I don’t know that I have ever seen a machine that can make 8 coffees at a time. The cafe was well stocked with chocolate of every kind, magazines, books, toys, bathroom products, and fresh baked food. To top of our first experience of Italy for this journey, Antonio can converse in his native language and how happily the words skip over his tongue.

So, 3 days travel, 3 countries, only 17 to go! Just kidding folks, Once the business end of the trip is over and Antonio has lodged his papers to become an Italian citizen, he promises me, and I in turn promise you, our pace and rate of travel will become more of the leisure variety.


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