Austria – so brief!

It’s picture perfect weather arriving in Austria and our entrance, whilst completely lacking in any other formalized statement to announce Austria, demanded a Denisized version of “The hills are alive! ” I’m looking forward, we have our home and I am delighted. I have spent parts of the drive hopping into the back, sorting, unpacking, finding “homes” for our things and loving it. After all , I am the kind of girl who unpacks my bags into the available draws even on a weekend away with the girls. I like to make my new home, however temporary, home. I am pleasantly surprised about the amount of storage in the van. It could not be better, I have a list of what we need, and well armed, will do what every serious, level headed, Scandinavian person would do – head to Ikea. I’m definitely counting on finding one in Innsbruck and we will be there in about 20 minutes. How great is that ? I do wonder though, Is it shallow of me to concede that shopping at Ikea in a Scandinavian country is top of the list on travel highlights so far? And is it rude to suggest I’d really love to be going in on my own. Because I want to decide on the color of sheets, towels, plates etc the interior styling of our van, without consultation – even with Tony. For all you blokes out there, I’m sorry – it’s a girl thing!

……………….. (Later that Day) I should know better. I have learned this before. Never get your hopes up for something, anything really, when the way ahead is unknown. For example a coffee early in the morning when starting on a 25 km walk in a Spanish village, or in this case, an Ikea store. I believe there is one in Innsbruck, but for our money today, too difficult to find. We did still manage a bit of a shopping, new home nesting fix, at a very large hardware warehouse – Australian readers, think Bunnings!!! The new mat was too big and the coat hangers too small, but at least the garbage bin liners were just right!!

I know we have skipped through Austria without even blinking, but the very little I saw in daylight has definitely whet my appetite and we will certainly spend more time there on our next passing through.


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