La “Bella” Villa

We have a new name for the Camper.  “The Cubby House!!”  Suitably described by Mario – Antonios Brother in Law.  He cannot believe we will live, happily together for 18 months, without some sprinkled stays in real houses, away from our “Cubby!!”  I guess, only time will tell.

Mario and his son Edward are sking here at la Villa and staying in the same hotel, “Ciasa Lara.”  They have been here for a week already when we arrive and of course, have been enjoying the snow.  BUT more than that.  Mario was born in these there hills and is completely at home and loving it!!!  He knows the mountains like the back of his hand.  His is made from “Mountain Stock”.  A strong and thick set man with a low center of gravity that helps him ski really fast!  A native of the area, he says he never gets cold feet or hands!!  I am way to slow to be joining them, but I can imagine “the bullet” burning his way down the slopes, son Edward not to far behind.  As for my husband, at the end of the run he catches up, with only a few seconds of making them wait.

It is difficult to put words to sking at La Villa.  There is a reason why thousands of people flock to ski here each year.  I think its because you would never know there were thousands of skiers here.  The range of runs is so vast, if I ever get caught up in a herd, I pull to the side, adjust my buckles, and clearway!!!  There are 1200 kms of “sunkissed slopes” to choose from, for around $50 Australian a day.  The lack of traffic also allows for good snow.  For an intermediate skier, there could be no better place.

Picturesquely, its a Winter Wonderland, everywhere you look is stunning.  The tips of the alps appear like giant slabs of nut encrusted nougat.  Certainly good enough to eat.  We have had two days of sking in sunshine, today its more overcast, but clearing again. I am delighted to say my sking is “going ok!”  I feel I am doing even better than our last trip 2 years ago and have not gone backwards.  I have had 3 to 6 hour group lessons this week with two Italian and a Russian girl.  Antonio has been able to ski with Mario and Eddie.

The mountain bars or bietes!  are amazing, unique and each one is different.  Usually run by the local family, the food is delicious, hearty, traditional and interesting. The service, unbelievable.  The buildings old huts, warm and full of atmosphere.

Typical Mountain Restaurants

I have chosen today a day of rest and to sort our communication issues.  Eddie, amongst many other things, is a tech head, and has helped me sort some computer issues.  Brilliant!

Lets face it.  This is definitely a case of letting the pictures do the blogging!


8 Comments on “La “Bella” Villa”

  1. Leigh and John says:

    Hi Guys! Well done Denise getting the comms set up- love it! The whole blog is fantastic and love seeing your pics and hearing the stories of you travels so far, what a fabulous diary and record of your trip.
    The van looks fantastic and I looove the colour scheme. Looks big enough for 2 and very cosy on those cold winter nights.
    Things here at Bal as you can imagine, busy and lots of people. Struggling to get a second to myself and can’t wait for a few nights on the couch with no distractions – (never happens)
    The Good news this week is that our planning permit has finally been approved so we are good to go (apart from the small issue of our builder being unavailable for the next 6 months) so, we have plenty to keep us occupied in the meantime including moving out and finding a place for all of our ridiculous possessions.
    Keep uo the blogging, love it. Can’t wait for more…
    Much love to you both and safe travels,
    L & J xo

    • themazzons says:

      Lee lee, you the best!!! Glad you are liking the colour scheme! Very important I think too. Esp in a small space and I know you know what I mean.
      Great news about the approval. SOoooo exciting. It will be done by the time we get back.
      Hugs to you both.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. anne says:

    Denisy, Well done…I’m so impressed with your IT capabilities. Looking forward to following your blog.

    Anne xx

  3. Marta&David says:

    Ciao Denise & Antonio,
    Thank you for copying me in…. Love your stories! Just by reading them I felt like being back home! Looks like you are having a great time and your campervan is so cute!!! Say hi to Italy for me and you know that if by any chance you’ll be driving around Treviso area, my parents would love to see you! So take care and look forward to reading the next adventures.

  4. Elizabeth Fowler says:

    I just love your blog. I love the way you write and the pictures make me feel like I’m there with you.
    I would love to have the opportunity to meet Tony’s relatives and friends. It must make you feel more like a local. Maybe you should invest in one of those translaters that you plug into your ears to hear the conversation in English. It must be very difficult to hear every one laughing and enjoying them selves with you not knowing what they are talking about.
    Keep up the bloging Denise.

  5. Bruce Carol and kids says:

    Dear Denise
    I love your travelogues!! So very descriptive and informative. I hope you can keep it up for the rest of your time there. You two would be the luckiest people in the world to be doing what you are doing and hope all goes well

  6. Olga says:

    Well Denise, what can I say! you are sooooo lucky to visit all those places. Not much happening in Healesville!

  7. Steph & Kathy says:

    Hi Denise,
    Wow! what can I say, what an adventure you are both having. looks and sounds fantastic. We love being able to see the pictures it feels like we are sharing your trip with you.I’m in awe of your technical abilities.
    Steph & Kathy

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