Networking – Italian style

I’ve learned something today. Be careful what you ask for! For days I’ve been keeping my eyes open for a shop where I might be able to purchase a woolen underlay for under the blankets on the bed. It just so happened that a sister of the husband of Antonio’s second cousin, owned a shop selling such things. A quick evening phone call was made and we were off early the next morning on a 10 km journey to the shop. After a warm and cheery good morning and chats about the families, proposed items began to be displayed. Item after item, the awkwardness was beginning to build around us as, unfortunately, none of the items suited our blue, dark gray and deep red color scheme. Family obligation and courtesy was clashing loudly, in my mind, with the importance of decent design in a very small space. In an effort to please us and supply what we wanted, we were taken to the bowels of the building; more styles, colors, and shapes unfolded, but still nothing to meet our needs.

Once we had exhausted all options and without too much further embarrassment our would be vendor promptly made a phone call to her wholesaler. 25 kms after that we had said underlay and appropriately colored sheets in hand!


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