Waiting Waiting Waiting

It’s a funny thing when you have a trip planned. Especially a very big trip. Effectively we are moving to Europe for 18 months. Horse/house sitters are organized, flights are booked. Christmas is still ahead of us, and then we can go.

This is a long held dream of Tony’s and hec, who am I to object? 18 months in Europe, a traveling feast seen through the eyes of life in a camper van. It’s such an exciting time. All is ahead of us and who knows what the pages of this blog will unfurl.

I met Antonio 3 years ago and from the very beginning he made it clear that if we were to stay together, an extended holiday in Europe in a camper van, would be part of our future. In the early days, of course, that seemed a long way away and I was happy to let that little carrot settle to one side and take each day as it came. 3 years, two overseas adventures, a 10 day pack horse trip through the wilderness of the Australian Alpine National Park, a 50th birthday, engagement and wedding, the extended holiday is on our doorstep.

Of course, life is about things not always going to plan or being quite that easy. Our first obstacle was the concept of being illegal Immigrants! Legally you cannot just choose to go and stay in Europe for 18 months. Countries have borders and busy little things called Visas! The visa, as oldies, that we were eligible for was the Schengen visa allowing us 3 months stay in Europe in any one 6 month period: 3 months in, 3 months out. Considering 3 months out could have meant the UK I was trying to convince Tony that we could both have a great trip and follow the legals guidelines. But NO, being the brash and fearless being that he is, he had decided we were just going to do our own thing anyway – regardless of the consequences. Fortunately we found a legal alternative that turned out better than we could have imagined. We could apply for a special 12 mth visa to live in Italy. During this time, Tony would become eligible to get his Italian citizenship back after 53 years without it!! ANd I could get one too. This was amazing news to us.

The second spanner in the works is a health issue. Having regular mammograms, unfortunately the medical powers to be, “my team”, have seen something they don’t like the look of and it requires a small operation to determine the extent of concern required. Then a wait and see game to find out if any further treatment is required. As the surgery looms after the cut off date to pay for our flights, optimistic pair that we are, we will still be confirming and paying for flights and then we will see.


One Comment on “Waiting Waiting Waiting”

  1. Marcia Mason says:

    Way to live each day to the fullest! Wishing you both the best both in your health and the adventure. Keep us informed as you can because I’m sure there will be future drama in store for you both with such an undertaking!

    Love you both,

    Marcia & Al

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